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SS1H Tack Oil

An asphalt based emulsion, light coat high adhesion binder that is added beneath asphalt overlay and ensures great adhesion while preventing any asphalt runoff.

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Cold Pour Crackfiller

Our cold pour crackfiller is an incredibly tough asphalt base crackfiller than can be spread by hand without the use of special tools, while being much safer for the contractor

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Hot Pour Crackfiller

Our hot pour crackfiller is an extremely tough asphalt base crackfiller that once heated can be applied to many different size cracks and once cooled will not expand or condense in the crack.

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Oil Spot Primer 

Our oil spot primer is a fast-acting, quick drying treatment for oil and grease spotting that can wear through fresh asphalt and sealcoat jobs. 



Permanently increase the strength and durability of your sealcoat. Our latex can be added to the sealcoat with dilution and maintain a stronger product than prediluted material.

Hand Tools


Cold Pour Squeegee

Cold Pour Squeegees are a unique "V" shaped squeegee made out of neoprene plastic that is designed to smoothly go over cracks in asphalt. 

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Sealcoat Squeegee

A neoprene squeegee made specifically for the spreading of sealcoat. Available in different sizes. 


Wire/Plastic Brushes

Wire and plastic brushes available in different sizes depending on your needs. Broom handles also available. 



Advantage Sealing Systems inc. is a sealcoat and asphalt emulsion manufacturer that opened in 1985 and has supplied Southern California, parts of Northern California, and parts of Arizona. We specialize in our SS1H tack emulsion certified to ASTM and ASHTO standards. 


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